QuickBooks Online error code 101 falls under the category of scripting errors. It takes place when Windows fails to execute the command that is required to run web-based applications. One requires proper functioning of Windows applications like ActiveX, Java, .Net Framework, and Flash player to run QuickBooks Online application. Fault in any of these Windows components not only affects QuickBooks Online but also hampers the performance of QuickBooks Desktop and Online Service Center. At that time, you may get this error message-


“We are fixing our connection to this bank as quickly as possible. Try connecting again tomorrow.”

However, you can resolve the QuickBooks Online Banking Error 101 whenever it flashes on your screen. But, when the other message:

“Looks like the connection to the bank – Business Online Banking isn’t available right now. Try again in a few hours. (101)”


Whenever you end up with QuickBooks Error 101, you won’t be able to connect your bank account with QuickBooks Online. These problems are pretty annoying to get an error while handling your financial data; hence, you should fix the issue related to the bank on a prior basis to avoid any financial glitch as it takes a long process to resolve the issue by the bank. If that’s something that you have come across, we would recommend you go through all the methods given in this article. We have discussed all the possible causes and troubleshooting solutions that can help you eliminate error code 101.  

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What Triggers QuickBooks Banking Connection Error 101?

Apart from faults in Windows configuration, there are several other reasons as well that can bring forth QuickBooks Online Error Code 101. However, there are several other reasons as well that can trigger this issue. Below we have listed all such possible reasons:

  • Error code 101 in QuickBooks can occur when Windows fails to run Flash, Java, .Net Framework and ActiveX.

  • Misconfigured internet explorer setting doesn’t allow QuickBooks to connect with the internet.

  • Outdated or blocked Windows components like Microsoft .Net Framework and ActiveX Controls hampers QuickBooks Online display function and results in QuickBooks Online Error Code 101.

  • Disabled Script Debugging is another reason.


Ways To Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 101

While using the QuickBooks application, you might come across the error message “We are fixing our connection to this bank as quickly as possible. Try connecting again tomorrow” if there are flaws in the Windows or QuickBooks configuration. Thus, you need to resolve QuickBooks Online Error Code 101 instantly.  To help you do that, below we have listed all the possible effective troubleshooting solutions:


Solution 1: Reconfigure Internet Explorer for Proper Functioning with QuickBooks Online

It is quite annoying to get a technical glitch while managing your business bank transaction because it may ruin your accuracy in workflow. To get fix this error 101, you may reconfigure Internet Explorer to resolve QuickBooks Online Error Code 101 by the below-listed ways:

A: Add Intuit® as a Trusted Website

Follow the given step by step process & find out how to add Intuit as a trusted sites to your browser. 

  • Open Internet Explorer and click on the Gear icon.

  • Select Internet Options and click on Trusted Sites under the Security tab.

  • Click on option and type https://* in the add website field.

  • Click Add and follow the same steps to add https://*

  • Click on Close and scroll down to locate Miscellaneous under the Custom Level section.

  • Enable the Allow Cross-Domain Requests option and click OK.

  • Further, click on Apply followed by OK.

  • Open the Internet Explorer once again and try to update transactions once again in QBO.

If still, you get error 101, then proceed to the next step to reset the setting of internet explorer & resolve the problem of connection with the bank.

B: Reset Internet Explorer’s Pop up Settings

  • Go to the Privacy tab and select Advanced.

  • Further, check-mark the Override Automatic Cookie Handling option.

  • Make sure that First Party and Third Party Cookies are accepted in the browser settings.

  • Now, check-mark the Always Allow Session Cookies option.

  • Lastly, click on OK to save the changes.


C: Enable ActiveX Controls

Enable ActiveX controls in the Backstage may help you resolve the internet glitch, which results in error code 101 in QuickBooks· Therefore, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions given below to avoid any chance of mistake while resolving the internet issue in a bank transaction. Hence, check out the given step-by-step resolution to manage ActiveX components on Windows.


  • Go to the Security tab and click on the Internet option followed by Custom Level.

  • Scroll down to ActiveX Controls and Plugins under the Internet Zone window.

  • Now enable the Download Signed ActiveX controls, Binary and Script Behaviors, Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting, and Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins options.

  • Click OK and close the Internet Explorer.

  • Try to connect your bank account with QuickBooks once again and check for the status of QuickBooks Online Error Code 101.

If this method doesn't work for you and again you end up with QB Banking error 101, move to the next step and carefully follow the step by step instruction given under the next method.

D: Enable TLS 1.2 and Change Encrypted Pages Settings

  • Go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to make sure that the Use TLS 1.2 checkbox is marked or not.

  • Now, search for Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk and uncheck this option.

  • At last, click on Apply followed by OK.

If you are not satisfied after enabling TLS 1.2, we advise you to update the Adobe Flash Player on Windows. Thoroughly read the information and then follow the step-by-step guideline to resolve the problem quickly.

Solution 2: Update .Net Framework, Java, and Adobe Flash Player on Windows

  • You need to install the latest release of Java by visiting the Java Download Center.

  • Apart from that, you also have to download the Latest Updates of Flash Player.

  • Lastly, download the most recent updates of .Net (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5).

Even after following the steps for updating the Adobe Flash Player on Windows, if you still face QuickBooks online banking error 101, in that case, you should proceed by manually Updating the QB application as given in the next step for a quick fix.

 Solution 3: Manually Update Banking in QuickBooks Online

  • Open the QuickBooks Online application. 

  • Then, select Banking from under the Banking section Dashboard.

  • Click on update and try to update online banking in the QuickBooks online application.


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QuickBooks is the accounting software used to perform various tasks at one time with a 100 percent accuracy rate. It also helps maintain all the essential business data; hence, we do not want to lose our crucial data due to some technical glitch. So users must avoid any QuickBooks error while performing any financial task for smooth functioning. We hope the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this blog for Banking Connection Error would have helped you fix QuickBooks online error code 101 without any hassle. However, if you get stuck while following any of the above-listed methods, we suggest you get in touch with the experienced & expert team of Asquare Cloud Hosting by giving us a call on our Toll-Free Number (855)-856–0053. Our skilled experts are always available to help you.


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