You will be surprised to find out how flags are being used for party décor and favors. One of the most popular uses of flags is as table decorations and toothpick flags make the ideal pick for it. If you don’t know, toothpick flags are printed paper flags that use toothpicks as a pole. Small in size, toothpick flags can be put on food items like muffins, buns, cakes and even as decorations on individual tables. You can even put them on buffet tables to add to the theme and the overall decorations of your event. Available in a variety of designs, these flags are also a great way to display your heritage as you can also buy USA state flags.


We have listed down some of the characteristics of toothpick flags here so that you can make an informed purchase.

- These flags are usually sold in boxes or packs of 100. There may be manufacturers who are able to give you less quantity but you will usually get a good price offer if you’re buying more quantity.

- You can choose from different sizes based on your requirement. Most of the good manufacturers will offer customization options in terms of size. This will ensure that you do not buy oversized flags or ones that are too small to decorate the tables. Choose the size of the flag and that of the toothpick and you’re good to go!

- Different manufacturers will use different type of paper to print toothpick flags. The ideal paper used for these flags is 80 grams. You can choose a higher quality paper if you wish to reuse the flags or if your budget allows for it.

- Toothpick flags are the perfect item for celebrating country heritage days. Not just this, all your pride events can be made more special by adding the beautiful pride flags to the giveaways and food items.

Whatever design you choose, ensure that you get a good deal and the best quality. This way, you can reuse the flags if you’ve bought extra and your guests are able to take back home these little beauties to keep them as remembrances.


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