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LGBT community has had the rainbow flag representing them since 1978. It was during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade that this symbol made its first public appearance after being designed by Gilbert Baker. These flags sport symbols that help in identification of a particular sub-community and display allegiance, pride, shared values and unity. These flags are used to send messages, ideas and concepts to the peer group and to the people outside the community. But you should be aware that there are more than just rainbow pride flags for sale representing the LGBT community, in fact, every different section of this community have their own flags. Other flags include – transgender flags, intersex flags, pansexual pride flag, bisexual flags and asexual flags. 


LGBT themed events are becoming very popular with more people committing to being allies. To add a special touch to these parties and parades, pride flags play a major role. You can buy the LGBT flags in materials like nylon and polyester in sizes ranging from 12x18” to huge flags as large as 30x60”. Smaller sized flags are available too and if you have a custom requirement, AGAS manufacturing can fulfill it very well. If you’re participating in or hosting a gay pride parade, flags of size 4x6” or 8x12” are the perfect choice. They can be used for hoisting while the people march or even to decorate plants in pots and workplace desks. If there are bikes and cars participating in the parade, you can opt for car window covers and motorcycle flags.


The pride flags are also available as stick flags and toothpick flags for table decoration. If you’re fond of hanging flags, opt for the flags with grommets instead of a sleeve for poles. Hanging flags will give a unique touch to the outdoor as well as indoor displays. If you have a custom design merged with the pride flags that you wish to get printed, contact the best flag manufacturer in Philadelphia to order specialty flags. You can then get custom messages printed on these flags with much ease. Be it the rainbow flag or the yellow white purple black flag – you get it all from us at prices that are hard to believe and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.


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