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How to improve profit of your small business with Entrepreneurs and small companies both are leveraging the advantages of handheld devices.

Entrepreneurs and small companies both are leveraging the advantages of handheld devices. The smartphone era has not only given the sigh of leisure to the user but also powered the businesses for expansion. The free mobile platform Android blown the digital barriers away with its loyal customers spread all over the world. Now the business strategies get affected as per the android regulations.


On the other side, iOS has also its decent hold over the market. The small industries need the quick and stable expansion of their range to achieve the prospective consumers and convert the leads into opportunities.

How mobile apps help small business?

Each day, thousands of mobile app development company and iPhone app developer launch the helping tools for industry verticals. Every Android app development company keep upgrading its products, which results into off the shelf tool, ready to use for small companies, who don't wish to invest over the custom mobile app development.

Here, we will discuss small businesses can reap out the maximum profit from their mobile app.

No upfront fee:
Most of the android app development company pieces of advice to charge the upfront cost for every download. Demanding the upfront cost before making your product useful for the user is the greatest aversion your application can face. According to data, there are 80 percent applications over the app store free to download. First, analyze, Is your app much more useful for users than any other free app over his smartphone. Removing the cost of download result into the significant increase of download. The more people download your app, more the business expansion would be.
Thinking it in another way, if you are using the app as a selling platform, the cheapest of the products is manifold higher than the downloading cost. Therefore, the prudent option is to cover the acquisition cost with transaction costs.

Earn more revenue with App Store Optimization:

Once you have developed your application or got it from android app development company, it does mean you are somewhat interested in increasing your business digitally. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the known term for affecting the position of your website over google. Digital marketing is not just limited to websites and web applications. App Store Optimization also works as similar to Search Engine Optimization. ASO affects the ranking of your mobile application over app store and Google play store. Like, google based SEO, ASO has also its given guidelines. Title, Description, Keywords, Rating/Review, and App listing links are important factors affecting the keyword ranking. Title of the app must represent the nature of your business and sell your products. The description of the mobile app influences the ranking over Google play store while app store does not payload over it. Some iOS app developers say, that App store affects the ranking of an app with keywords. Optimized keywords increase the ranking over the app store. The customer is the king of the market; therefore, the reviews and rating always influence the ranking. Positive feedbacks not only make the product reliable and trustworthy but also affect the ranking over App store and Google play store. Good ranking results in more downloads, more downloads mean more revenue. ASO can make small businesses flourish with their mobile apps.


Every user wants to use the personalized app. The application, which shows the screen that user, wants to see stays more at its device. For increased revenue, you should encourage users to create a profile. Often, users get annoyed with the tedious process of profiling. The key is to make the registration or profile creation easy and less time consuming by integrating your app with social media accounts. Any android app development company or iOS developer can help you in achieving this easily. Once the user has its profile over the app, the activity tracking becomes easy. The startup can use analyzed data for offering users a personalized experience. According to data, 39 percent of app users tend to spend more over personalized apps.

Combine digital store with the physical store:

Small businesses can increase the sale at physical stores as well with help of digital store made by mobile app development company. By integration of the digital store with the physical store, the consumer can be more bound with the brand and businesses can have a longer grip over the market. You can offer the Sales discount coupon and scan QR code for availing the direct discount. Alternatively, the special offer over several products, which can later be purchased over the discount prices later from the physical stores.


Small business reaps out no less profit when it comes to using the mobile app. What needed are the acute strategy and consistent communication with the consumer through push notifications. Too many push notifications avert the users as the apps, which keep sending notifications too frequently are considered annoying. Notifications with 10 or fewer words result into more conversion. Stay away from the old annoying method of marketing. Reap out the benefits of digital platform and expand your customer base without tarnishing the brand reputation.

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