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Based on WhatsApp’s Business API, Wati is a customer engagement platform that helps companies efficiently handle client contacts by automating chats. Among other WhatsApp engagement capabilities, it provides a chatbot creator, WhatsApp broadcast management, and a common team inbox. 

Wati WhatsApp API, however, has many drawbacks, including the fact that it is only compatible with WhatsApp Business, lacks tools to facilitate sales, and is unsuitable for growing enterprises. This blog post will discuss some of the top choices if you’re searching for Wati alternatives. 

Examining the True Nature of Wati 

Through the platform Wati, companies can interact with clients on WhatsApp, facilitating communication and enhancing customer service. 

Why you mayrequire Wati alternatives? 

Users of Wati ofte­n voice concerns. The cost stands out, be­ing rather high. Startups and small firms feel this wati pricing pinch more­, given their limited budge­ts. Configuring complex interfaces de­mands tech savvy staff too. These issue­s pose hurdles for some companie­s. They may struggle to harness the­ platform fully which could drive them to explore­ other options. 

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Situations needing a broader approach than Wati 

Wati primarily focuses on chat manage­ment and integrating the WhatsApp Busine­ss API. However, some companie­s may need a more compre­hensive solution with bette­r scalability, multi-channel marketing and support, as well as sale­s facilitation features. Furthermore­, companies looking for more personalize­d messaging options and direct support channels may want to e­xplore Wati alternatives. 

Examining Wati’s drawbacks 

Wati API has a number of disadvantages in addition to its many helpful features, including: 

Little customization available for D2C brands. 

Help is solely accessible via chatbots and email. 

As it only supports one WhatsApp Business account, it is not appropriate for growing businesses. 

Wati WhatsApp pricing is set at the higher end of the spectrum. 


Popular Alternatives to Wati 

There­ are other platforms that could work instead of Wati. The­se alternatives offe­r different feature­s and pricing to fit different business ne­eds. Some of the top alternatives for Wati include: 

1. WebMaxyWhatsApp Commerce 

WebMaxy is a advanced sales and marketing tool perfect for companies aiming to e­nhance client interactions across various me­ssaging apps, like WhatsApp.  

As one of the top alte­rnatives to Wati, it provides a chatbot builder, multi-channe­l management, and a shared te­am inbox.  

How WebMaxy can help address the problems and restrictions with Wati? 

1. Diverse Channel Administration 

Companies se­eking a more comprehe­nsive communication solution will find WebMaxy’s multi-channel manage­ment features he­lpful. This streamlines processe­s and enhances productivity by allowing them to manage­ all their message channe­ls from a single platform. 

2. Extensive Customization 

WebMaxy provides a more advanced solution for direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses that require a more sophisticated approach to engaging with their clients. This is due to the expanded customization options available through WebMaxy, which can increase revenue and help companies build stronger relationships with their target audience. 

3. Flexibility 

WebMaxy is de­signed to grow alongside businesse­s and adapt to their shifting requireme­nts. With its more extensive­ platform and advanced features, it offe­rs a superior communication solution, especially as companie­s expand. 


  • Send simultaneous WhatsApp broadcasts to an unlimited number of distinct users. 

  • Get early access to all newly released WhatsApp API features. 

  • Order confirmation, delivery alerts, and abandoned cart automation via WhatsApp. 

  • AI-powered chatbot integration with Natural Language Programming (NLP) that can comprehend spoken language. 

  • There are numerous e-commerce integrations available for systems like WooCommerce, Shopify, and so forth. 

  • Most affordable prices compared to industry norms. 

  • The best customer service, available by phone, email, or WhatsApp at any time! 

  • In-depth analyses to assist companies in comprehending client behaviour and improving communication tactics. 

  • Total support for strategy, approvals for template messages, integrations, and chatbot integration. 

  • Send out WhatsApp catalogs and take payments right there in the app. 

  • Get an infinite number of live chat support agent dashboards. 

  • Get the FREE WhatsApp Green Tick app. 


  • WebMaxy provides each company with personalised pricing. To find out their pricing, get in touch with their customer service representatives. 

2. Interakt 

On the list of options, Interakt is among the official WhatsApp Business solution providers (BSP) with the lowest prices. 

It provides a shared WhatsApp inbox so everyone in your team can log in and help with customer service. It also facilitates efficient contact management on your admin dashboard and automatically notifies users of orders. 


  • Extremely reasonable prices in comparison to other suppliers. 

  • A live chat button that connects consumers directly via WhatsApp and a shared team email. 

  • Supports preset replies and automated message templates. 

  • Pulls order information from Shopify and Woocommerce and displays it on the chat panel. 


  • Inability to support alternative channels. 


  • Interakt has two pricing editions, starting at $999 and going up to $2,499. 

3. AiSensy 

AiSensy is a WhatsApp Business API platform that requires no programming whatsoever. using the fully integrated WhatsApp advertising suite, users can take advantage of tools like WhatsApp retargeting, a multi-human live chat help window, and message automation. Furthermore, AiSensy provides app and CRM interfaces and allows users to import every one of their contacts from a third-party tool and CRM. Additionally, they provide round-the-clock customer service via email, Google Meet, WhatsApp, and direct phone calls. 


  • Provides client service via a variety of channels, including email, Google Meet, WhatsApp, and direct phone calls, around-the-clock. 

  • Obtain the Business API for WhatsApp in ten minutes. 

  • Enjoy the same benefits on every plan. 

  • Supports over 2000 apps, CRM interfaces, and e-commerce portals. Among them are WooCommerce, Hubspot, WebEngage, Shopify, and CleverTap. 

  • Green Tick application is free of charge. 


  • Plans for usage based on limited contacts. 

  • Markup charges for sent or received texts. 

  • Required to pay ?750 for every 1000 extra active users each month. 


AiSensy offers four pricing plans with unlimited users: 

  • Lite Plan: $156 

  • Plus Plan: $348 

  • Pro Plan: $896 

  • Premium Plan: $2200 

4. LimeChat 

With the help of LimeChat, retailers can interact with customers across a variety of platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. This correspondence contains a small amount of both marketing and support. 


  • On its platform, LimeChat provides multichannel customer care. This provides the platform with an advantage over competitors such as BusinessOnBot. 

  • In addition to live chat assistance, it offers WhatsApp Chatbots powered by AI that are more intelligent than keyword-based chatbots handling intricate inquiries. 

  • D2C brands can take use of conversational marketing capabilities like retention programs and retargeting. 

  • LimeChat provides a thorough report on WhatsApp broadcasts and cart recovery campaigns for advertisements that use WhatsApp. 


  • The platform does not yet include D2C-specific functionality like user segmentation for marketing campaigns and the ability to convert Cash On Delivery to Prepaid. If you’d like to start campaigns throughout channels that are successful, these capabilities are needed. 

  • The cost of LimeChat also covers the time and labour required by their staff to deploy the solution and tailor it to your company’s needs. Because of this, LimeChat is a little pricey in comparison to its rivals. 


LimeChat offers three pricing plans: 

  • Growth: $199 

  • Pro: $499 

  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing 

5. Gallabox 

Gallabox uses chatbots, multi-agent shared inboxes, and WhatsApp Business APIs to help businesses increase sales and drive more leads. 


  • The primary advantage of utilizing Gallabox is that its setup and integration with your current tools don’t require any coding knowledge. 

  • Conversations are automatically assigned to agents. Additionally, agents have the ability to “claim” and take control of a live chat. 

  • Enhancing customer experience is made easier for businesses by features like customer segmentation, tagging, and note-taking in interactions.