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Based on WhatsApp’s Business API, Wati is a customer engagement platform that helps companies efficiently handle client contacts by automating chats. Among other WhatsApp engagement capabilities, it provides a Chatbot Creator, WhatsApp Broadcast Management, WhatsApp Campaign Tools and a Common Team Inbox. 

Wati WhatsApp API, however, has many drawbacks, including the fact that it is only compatible with WhatsApp Business, lacks tools to facilitate sales, and is unsuitable for growing enterprises. This blog post will discuss some of the top choices if you’re searching for Wati alternatives. 

Examining the True Nature of Wati 

Through the platform Wati, companies can interact with clients on WhatsApp, facilitating communication and enhancing customer service. 

Why you mayrequire Wati alternatives? 

Users of Wati ofte­n voice concerns. The cost stands out, be­ing rather high. Startups and small firms feel this wati pricing pinch more­, given their limited budge­ts. Configuring complex interfaces de­mands tech savvy staff too. These issue­s pose hurdles for some companie­s. They may struggle to harness the­ platform fully which could drive them to explore­ other options. 

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Situations needing a broader approach than Wati 

Wati primarily focuses on chat manage­ment and integrating the WhatsApp Busine­ss API. However, some companie­s may need a more compre­hensive solution with bette­r scalability, multi-channel marketing and support, as well as sale­s facilitation features. Furthermore­, companies looking for more personalize­d messaging options and direct support channels may want to e­xplore Wati alternatives. 

Examining Wati’s drawbacks 

Wati API has a number of disadvantages in addition to its many helpful features, including: 

  • Little customization available for D2C brands. 

  • Help is solely accessible via chatbots and email. 

  • As it only supports one WhatsApp Business account, it is not appropriate for growing businesses. 

  • Wati WhatsApp pricing is set at the higher end of the spectrum. 


Popular Alternatives to Wati 

There­ are other platforms that could work instead of Wati. The­se alternatives offe­r different feature­s and pricing to fit different business ne­eds. Some of the top alternatives for Wati include: 

1. WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce 

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