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How WhatsApp Broadcast Helps Businesses Elevate Gr

WhatsApp is a versatile conversation platform subjected to its ease of use, top features like WhatsApp catalogue for boosting sales and regular updates in terms of its features, security, and privacy.  


WhatsApp broadcast is a very important and dynamic feature of this most engaging social channel.   


With this WhatsApp feature, businesses can communicate with their customers in a very innovative manner. More importantly, as other broadcast receivers can’t see your contact details, you don’t have to compromise on privacy as in WhatsAppgroups. Stay tuned with us, if you are planning to leverageWhatsAppbroadcast feature into your WhatsAppmarketing and growth strategy.  


In this blog, we will explore major points related to WhatsAppbroadcast and how it’s useful to businesses.  

How WhatsAppbroadcast is different from WhatsAppgroup?  

It enables sending messages, images, or videos to bulk contacts at once. It has many unique attributes that distinguish it from WhatsAppgroups.  

In WhatsAppgroup, discussions by users are interactive while in broadcast, messages are sent only to the predefined members. The members in the broadcast list can see your message as a private message in their chat. Any discussion that happens is visible only in the individual chat and other members of WhatsAppbroadcast list can’t see it.       

Looking for the right WhatsAppbusiness solution provider? 

WebMaxy can be your perfect partner 


As broadcast messages are sent as individualized messages, it allows personalization in mass communication. WhatsAppgroup feature allows you to see all the participants involved in that group. But in the case of WhatsAppbroadcast, you can’t see who else received the same message.   

Being a one-way communication platform, WhatsAppbroadcast is an efficient tool for circulating information as an individual message. WhatsAppbroadcast is undoubtedly an important feature for businesses and individuals because it connects with a large audience effectively.   

WhatsAppbroadcast can be a turning point in your growth strategy. Take your WhatsAppmarketing game to the next level with WebMaxy Advanced sale and marketing tool. 


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