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Ultimate Guide for best WhatsApp Business greeting

Like they say – the first impression is the last impression. In the same way an introductory message on WhatsApp or any other medium plays a very important role in elevating customer experience. While promoting your business on WhatsApp, you need to prioritize several things over the others. WhatsApp Business greeting message is one of the important aspects to consider here.    


When greeting messages are consciously created and designed, it helps boost customer engagement in a very effective way.WhatsApp Business introduction message is the first interaction of your customers with your business. Brands canestablish good customer relationships and build trust with your valued customers by sending the perfect introduction message on WhatsApp.   


For businesses, it is crucial to present an absolute first impression to their customers to successfully implement their WhatsApp commercestrategy. Welcome message on WhatsApp is one of the best ways for effective communication. Such communication with a customer plays an important role in your business growth.  

In this blog, we will learn about WhatsApp messages, why it is important, various WhatsApp Marketing Tools to enhance your messaging strategy, and best examples of WhatsApp greeting messages. 


What is WhatsApp business greeting message? 

WhatsApp Business greeting message is the first message that customers receive from the brand after they interact with your business. This welcome message helps brand establish a positive first impression with users.  

This greeting message is a great opportunity for business to engage with their customers and decide upon further interactions.    

WhatsApp Business greeting messages effectively enhance your customer engagement. These welcome messages should be customer friendly, professional, and helpful to assist customers.   

Remember that WhatsApp Business greeting messages can be used only for the WhatsApp Business app or the WhatsApp Business API.  

Want to make your brand’s first impression on WhatsApp top-notch? 

Check out WhatsApp business greeting messages to get started! 


Why greeting messages for WhatsApp Business important?  

WhatsApp greeting messages are helpful to businesses in many ways. If you use right welcome message at the right time, then you can achieve the following benefits:   

Improve customer engagement:WhatsApp business welcome message offers a great way to engage with customers in a personalized way. By providing useful information and a way to effectively interact, it helps enhance customer experience. It is also helpful for businesses in building stronger relationships with their customers and improving customer satisfaction. 

Reduces your response time: A greeting message provides the first impression of your business to the customer. With such messages, customers receive an immediate response, even if you are offline. It helps set expectations about your response to them and hence reduces the response time. 

Enhances customer satisfaction: It provides useful information to the customers about the business. Getting to know about the contact information, business hours, and product or service offerings can help customers with further inquiries. They get the information quickly and easily, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and enhanced experience with the business. 

Guides customers towards the right information: When WhatsApp welcome messages are created with real expectations, it gives correct information to the users about their doubts. It guides them in the right way, and they don’t get confused. 

Increases business efficiency: Automated WhatsApp greeting messages save time and resources for businesses. It can handle common customer inquiries and provide self-service options for common customer requests. This saves valuable time for staff that can be utilized to focus on more complex customer issues. Hence, it ultimately leads to improved overall productivity. 

Interacts outside business hours: These messages are automated and hence they work even outside business hours. Customers feel valued after a quick response, and they don’t have to wait for their basic query. 

Brand awareness via messaging:WhatsApp greeting messages when customized to include the business’s branding leads to brand awareness. It offers consistent brand experience for customers across WhatsApp and also nurtures brand loyalty. 

Gather valuable leads: These greeting messages can help businesses offer improved customer service, enhance customer engagement, and boosts efficiency. This gives a great customer experience and satisfaction and thereby gathers valuable leads to increase sales and revenue. 


?Key points for creating effective WhatsApp Business greeting message 

There are several tips to craft an introductory WhatsApp message. You must consider the following best practices while creating an effective welcome message for WhatsApp 

1. Be specific towards customer expectations: When you send a greeting message to customers, try to be specific towards customer expectations. Customers feel better and valued when you set clear timelines about the certain time to respond to their doubts. Let’s look at these two examples; 

A. Hi there, thanks for reaching out! We’re currently unavailable but will get back to you as soon as possible. 

B. Hi there, thanks for reaching out! We’re currently unavailable but will get back to you within 24 hours. 

In the first example, the time to respond is not specified and hence it looks vague whereas in the second example, a specific time is mentioned which gives opportunity to overdeliver. 

2. Be transparent about giving reasons: It is important to be honest and transparent about delayed response time. Though nobody likes a slow response time, don’t give lame excuses to your users for the same. If it’s not possible to revert to the same day, simply say that you are busy. 

3. Emphasize on a friendly tone: Messages with a friendly and humanized tone makes your customers happy. Automated messages should not necessarily contain a formal tone. You should keep it professional alway sound as human. 

4. Personalize the message: Try using customer name in the welcome message. A message with their own name makes them feel more special. It makes their connection with your brand stronger. 

5. Acknowledge customer inquiry: Let your customers know that you have understood their concern. Craft a greeting message that mentions you will get back to them with the detailed information about their query. 

6. Highlight business hours: Informing customers about your operating hours makes it easy for them to know the time of response. 

7. Inform about self-help resources: If it is taking time for you to resolve some query, it is better to provide your customers with knowledge base articles or FAQs so that they get some help meanwhile 

8. Introduce a respective team member: You can inform your customers about the team member who will be taking care of their concerns. It helps build a rapport with your brand. 

Types and examples of WhatsApp business greeting messages 

Below are some of the most popular examples of WhatsApp Business greeting messages. You may need to adjust these messages a little bit according to your business requirements and goals. 

Make a great first impression with these innovative ideas of WhatsApp introduction messages. Let’s get started: 



Type of WhatsApp Business Greeting Message 

Example of WhatsApp Business Greeting Message 


General WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages 

Hi! Welcome to [your business]. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can explore our vast portfolio of [products/services] 


WhatsApp Greeting Message for New Customers 

Hello [customer name], thank you for choosing us! We’re thrilled to have you as a new member of our family and look forward to serving you. 


Greeting Messages for Festivals and Special Events 

Hey [Customer Name], Happy Diwali from our team! May your celebrations be filled with light and joy. 


Customer Support Greeting Messages 

Hello [customer name], we’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Let’s work together to resolve the issue as soon as possible 


Away Welcome Messages 

Hello [customer name], we’re sorry we missed your message. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we’re available 


Collect More Information Welcome Message 

Hi there, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible service. Would you mind taking a quick survey to help us understand your needs better? 


Order Confirmation Welcome Message 

Hello [customer name], your order has been confirmed! We’ll be processing it shortly and will update you on its status. If you have any questions, please contact us. 


WhatsApp Message for Lead Collection 

Hi there, thanks for connecting with us on WhatsApp! Would you like to receive updates and offers from us? Please reply with your email address 


Messages for Quick Replies and Answer FAQs 

Hello [customer name], we’re here to help you with any questions you may have. To learn more about our products and services, please reply with “products” 


? General WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages 

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