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Brands from all sizes can gain from embracing WhatsApp for marketing as it’s currently among the most popular messaging apps. The green checkmark by your WhatsApp display name is a representation of your brand’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. 

This post will explain how to get a green tick on WhatsApp next to your WhatsApp display name and what benefits it might offer your company in WhatsApp Commerce 

Let’s first examine what a WhatsApp green tick certification is and determine if you require one. 

What is a Green Tick on WhatsApp? 


On WhatsApp, legitimate brand accounts can be easily identified by their green tick badge. It means the account is authenticated through WhatsApp and is associated with the business it represents. 

Users can be sure they’re speaking with a legitimate company and not a phoney one when they see this badge. This function helps to establish the brand’s credibility and trustworthiness while also enhancing the validity of your account.  

In order to protect its users from spam and fraudulent accounts, WhatsApp takes the validation and authentication of business accounts very seriously. 

Let’s look at how to begin the verification procedure now that you are aware of the WhatsApp green tick badge. 

Elevate Your WhatsApp Game with WebMaxy 

Claim Your Green Tick Today! 


Advantages of verifying your WhatsApp business account and obtaining a green badge 

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