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WhatsApp eCommerce_ An Effective Platform to Promo

Beyond personal conversations, WhatsApp has now become a powerful platform for eCommerce brands. WhatsApp eCommerce is emerging as an effective platform for conducting business communications & commerce (buying & selling products or services). 

As businesses are continually striving for innovative ways to connect with their customers, WhatsApp Commerce works the best.  

This blog underlines how WhatsApp for eCommerce helps to supercharge your eCommerce business in 2024  

WhatsApp eCommerce: Inspiring Statistics 

eCommerce businesses can glance at some of the interesting statistics mentioned below. These WhatsApp related stats and facts will surely make a difference to get there!  

1. According to the Mobile Economy 2022 report, smartphone adoption will rise worldwide from 75% in 2021 to 84% in 2025. 

2. WhatsApp is the most popular global messaging app as of January 2023. 

3. The following table shows the essential data about the WhatsApp use; 


Global monthly active users 

Monthly active users vs. total population 

Monthly active users vs. population aged 13+ 

Female users vs. total population 

Male users vs. total population 

2 bn 







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