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Have you wondered how to deliver WhatsApp messages in large volumes to multiple individuals at once? Perhaps to notify clients of a deal or to greet everybody you’re acquainted with a “Happy Independence Day”?  


You are on the correct website! Here you’re going to discover something quite useful: How to send multiple messages on WhatsApp without wearing out your hands. 


Our goal is to teach you the proper approach for delivering as many as 1,000 messages at once to increase your revenue 2x times without bothering your clients with spamming.  

By using advanced analytics and strategic insights, the Data Driven Marketing with WhatsApp Commerce will help you transform your business. 

This improves the customer journey and enhances customer experience which facilitates in building powerful brands. This implementation is also very easy and efficient, you’ll wonder how you’ve previously managed without it!  

Let’s get started. 

What are bulk messages on WhatsApp? 

Delivering several recipients an identical text message simultaneously over WhatsApp is known as WhatsApp Bulk Messaging. It’ssimilar to conveying a message to a crowded room over speakers as opposed to informing all of them individually. 

This is how it takes place:  

You can select as many recipients you would wish to communicate with by using specific tools. Once your message is written and sent, it’s done! Your text message reaches every individual simultaneously. It is incredibly quick and simple and eliminates the need to pass on the same SMS message individually to several recipients all day long. 

How is this trending currently? Sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp preserves you a tonne of time, to begin with. Imagine wishing everyone of your hundred acquaintances a joyous occasion separately as opposed to every one of them once only. Secondly, it ensures that all recipients receive precisely an identical message, preventing misunderstandings or feelings of exclusion. 

A significant aspect to keep in mind, though, is that you have to execute this properly. Receiving unsolicited messages is not something anyone enjoys. Like receiving unsolicited mail in your email account. Therefore, you need to confirm that the individuals you are texting are pleased receiving your texts. In this manner, you avoid getting in problems with WhatsApp by appearing unprofessional/spammy, and every user is satisfied. 

Reach a broader audience over WhatsApp instantly. 

WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce allows you to customize and extend WhatsApp functionalities to suit your specific needs. 


Why Are WhatsApp Bulk Messages Necessary? 

Sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp promotions are a desirable way for organisations to interact with consumers since they provide a number of advantages.  

Among them are: 

  • Straightforward and customised messaging: WhatsApp gives companies the opportunity to interact personally and immediately with their clients, creating a feeling of devotion. 

  • Elevated levels of involvement: Typically, messages delivered via WhatsApp get greater engagement rates and bigger click rates, up to 98%, than conventional email advertisements which is only 21.3%. 

  • Comprehensive multimedia exchange: Files, screenplays, and pictures are just a few of the forms of data that commercial enterprises can communicate. 

  • Swift interaction: Because texts on WhatsApp arrive instantaneously, they are ideal for notifications or campaigns that have a deadline. 

  • Voluntary framework: In order to ensure that corporations engage with a target demographic that converts into prospective customers, viewers must give their permission to receive communications. 

Methods for Sending 1000 Messages at Once in WhatsApp to Multiple Prospects 

For the purpose of sending mass WhatsApp messages, companies can select between a no-cost and a premium WhatsApp service. The premium WhatsApp Cloud API and the complimentary WhatsApp Business App are the alternatives that are accessible. 

There are two options: Free and Paid. 

  • The no-cost WhatsApp Business App has additional features beyond the standard model and is intended for use by companies to connect with their clientele. 

  • WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Cloud API, an innovative approach that companies may utilise to enhance WhatsApp’s functionality for enhanced capabilities, particularly reaching and targeting mass audience. 

Corporations can integrate WhatsApp into their IT infrastructure or applications by using Cloud APIs. Numerous procedures are streamlined by this integration, such as the effective handling of client communications and task delegation/automation. 

WhatsApp Business App 


If you’re unaware, the WhatsApp Business App allows you to deliver WhatsApp messages in large quantities for free. The easy steps you can take are as follows: 


  • Install the WhatsApp Business App on your smartphone after downloading it. 

  • Check the number associated with your company. Make certain that it isn’t the same as your other cell phone number that is already connected to WhatsApp. 

  • Make a broadcast list with a maximum of 256 people on it. 

  • Write your message and then adjust its content for every receiver. 

Please take note that you can only bulk message users on WhatsApp that stored your company’s contact information. 

Restrictions on using the complimentary WhatsApp Business App to send mass messages 

Although bulk advertising on WhatsApp costs nothing, there are several restrictions attached to this choice. 

1. Merely 256 connections 

WhatsApp restricts the amount of receivers within its broadcast listings, but it doesn’t restrict the number of broadcasting groups one can make. A broadcast is permitted to be sent simultaneously to a maximum number of 256 recipients. This may present an issue if your clientele is greater because you may be required to send out many broadcasts in order to get to every person. 

2. There is a greater chance of being blacklisted 

WhatsApp’s spyware prevention mechanisms may be triggered when users broadcast messages to thousands of recipients through the WhatsApp Business App. The company profile may be reported by WhatsApp if it notices activity that seems questionable or spammy. This could result in a brief or long-term ban thus interfering with your attempts to communicate with your audience and harming the credibility of your firm on the platform as a whole. 

Additionally, you risk having your account permanently removed by WhatsApp if consumers refuse to recognise your WhatsApp Business contact and report the notification as spam or, worse, block it altogether. 

3. It is necessary to manually edit the message content 

Several users receive broadcast communications, however they show up on their mobile devices as separate chats. As a result, you must actively modify the text of the message for every single broadcast you make using the WhatsApp Business App, such as adding the name of the receiver or other unique information. If you make mistakes during editing, this procedure might end up in inconsistent results and take a long time.