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It can be intimidating to navigate the world of Cloud API service providers and WhatsApp Business API. There are many options available in the digital world, so you’re not the only one thinking about leaving AiSensy or just looking into other options. The need for these services is increasing dramatically, especially for companies in Latin America and India. We’ve put together a collection of the Best aisensy alternative for 2024 to help you narrow down your options. 

Before going through our top AiSensy alternatives, let’s first clarify what AiSensy is! 

What is AiSensy? 

AiSensy is a no-code WhatsApp marketing tools that assists companies in connecting with clients on the Meta platform by leveraging the official WhatsApp Business API. It provides a low-cost, simple-to-use solution for you to start your WhatsApp marketing journey. You can begin using Aisensy to deliver messages to your WhatsApp audience after WhatsApp authorization. 

Drawbacks of AiSensy 

  • Caters to all, therefore less D2C focussed. 

  • Restricted chatbot functionality. 

  • Unexpected fees. 

  • Not fully integrated with Shopify. 

  • No revenue attribution. 

Best AiSensy Alternatives 

Now that you understand what AiSe­nsy offers, let’s explore­ some additional options for your WhatsApp Business API solution partner. 

1. WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce 

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WebMaxy helps brands discover user experience with a set of tools like heatmap, visitor analytics, web survey and many more. Sign up with email. Free trials forever.
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