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How to Boost E-commerce Sales with WhatsApp Catal

Shopping on your fingertips: eCommerce  

In the eCommerce journey with WhatsApp, WhatsApp Catalog API is vital to smoothen your sales. WhatsApp catalog API helps businesses connect efficiently with their customers. It opens the door for personalized purchases through WhatsApp.   

Let us delve deep into the role of WhatsApp catalog API here.   

WhatsApp catalog gives facilities to the customer to have a shopping experience with browsing for selecting the right product or service within one window with few clicks.   

Every product is having price, description and link on a website. WhatsApp catalog API gives a complete view of customer interactions within WhatsApp. It covers everything from pre-sales to purchase followed by customer care and support. It integrates your applications with the third-party tool.   

Create Your own WhatsApp Catalog 

Integrate WhatsApp with your Business Now 


WhatsApp catalog API acts as a middle link between customers and brands. Brands exhibit the best range of products and services with creation and display via WhatsApp catalogue 

This helps to get new leads and conversions. As WhatsApp users daily uses and browse data and images with links within WhatsApp platform. Due to WhatsApp catalog API, customers get the comfortable facility on their fingertips with a simple messaging. Here, they can browse the entire product or services catalog to select as per their choice same as an online store and buy with few clicks.    

Why Integrate WhatsApp Catalog API in E-commerce?   

There are several benefits for integrating WhatsApp catalog API in E-commerce.    

Let us discuss them pointwise here:   

1. Gentle Experience: Customers get a smooth browsing experience without searching much and within the same chat window. This saves more time. 

2. Immediate Engagement: Product descriptions are real time and very precise. This encourages prompt engagement of the customer. 

3. Improved Conversion Rates: The ease of the WhatsApp business catalog leads to more conversion rates and sales. This happens because of the great response rate and visibility of WhatsApp platform globally. 

4. Analytics and Insights: Because of Analytics and Insights facility, one can check the highest demanding items and keep them in stock. 

5. Personalized Interaction: One-to-one interaction is available for buying notifications, recommendations based on earlier choices or buying history and behavior. 

The WhatsApp catalog API supports business to function as an online store within the WhatsApp platform. It not only makes product search easy but also gives a seamless buy journey to customers. It streamlines browsing, selection of products to buy within a single window.    

Implementing WhatsApp catalog API for your eCommerce business is the steppingstone for your mobile-driven online journey.    

Know How WhatsApp Business catalog opens doors of endless opportunities. 

Explore and expand your eCommerce business. 


Utilizing WhatsApp Catalog for Marketing   

The WhatsApp Catalog API for eCommerce isn’t a feature in today’s digital world. It’s a critical marketing tool that can turn up the way businesses collaborate with their customers. It’s a turning point for online product promotion and customer engagement. It has a direct and personalized approach.  

Best Strategies for Product promotion through WhatsApp   

Promoting products via WhatsApp requires a fine mix of sharpness and strategy. WhatsApp catalog is a way to conversational marketing. You can use the catalog for launching new products, giving offers on occasions. The ultimate use is to target your audience with segments based on their interests and buy history.   

Using Catalogs in Combination with WhatsApp Broadcast Lists   

WhatsApp marketing list can be an instant tool to communicate many contacts from your contacts list in one click. The recipients do not know each other. For new product additions, offers and restock alerts it is useful. Connecting WhatsApp catalogue with broadcasting list helps customers to check given notifications individually.   

Implementing images with adequate product description 

In your catalog, all items must have high-quality and attractive images of products. They must have a full, concise and perfect, readable product description. This attracts customers to browse items and go shopping.   

A well-developed WhatsApp business catalog enhances the chances of new business opportunities.   

Measuring customer engagement via WhatsApp    

Every measurable thing needs precise management to prove it’s worth. Customer behavior and preferences are measurable entities. Use of WhatsApp catalog by customers is possible to analyze. This helps us to refine approach, decide the product range. It prefers personalized communication with the customer.    

Our product WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce takes care of unique product catalogs with engaging value.   

So, one can say, WhatsApp can broaden the personalized buying journey. It boosts customer interactions with more emphasis on customer engagement.    

WhatsApp Catalog are not for showcasing WhatsApp products, but creating Smart buyer’s journey’s…    

Develop WhatsApp Catalog with WebMaxy 

Enter in the world of Conversational marketing 


WhatsApp Catalog are not just for showcasing but creating Smart buyer’s journey’s…!  

Practices with WhatsApp Catalogue API  

At WebMaxy WhatsApp commerce, we follow standard practices of SEO rich contents and SEO strategies for the ranking of your eCommerce business. We believe in putting continuous efforts and support to improve search engine rankings.   

Dos and Don’ts while Using WhatsApp Catalogue for Business  

For effective use of WhatsApp catalog, need to follow below tips: 




Curate high-resolution images and details, descriptions in your catalog. It must resonate with the brand voice. 

Do not stack your catalog with many items, to maintain easy navigation. 

Check product listing for updates in price, product name and availability. 

Do not ignore localizing of catalog, in case of international operations. 

Categorize your product ranges for easy browsing. 

Don’t ignore WhatsApp commerce policy on acceptable listings. 


Maintaining Privacy and Security for Customer Transactions  

Always maintain private customer details and secure them with encryption. Follow WhatsApp policies for Security and Privacy for customer’s financial transactions.  

Implement Automation as Your Business Grows  

Follow automation for your customer purchasing journeys, with the growth of the business. WhatsApp catalog API is scalable, so automation of customer’ purchase process with business growth is essential.  

Regularly Updating Your Catalog to Reflect Inventory and Promotions  

Regular addition of new, exciting products is a must. It retains the inventory. Also, giving regular offers on various products time to time keeps customer engagement helpful for conversions.  

If you follow all the above practices, it will attract customer trust and make your ecommerce brand reliable in the marketplace.  

Handling Bottlenecks with WhatsApp Catalog API with your eCommerce business    

Addressing bottlenecks and delivering efficient solutions to various issues inside the eCommerce business is a must. It improves performance and smoothens the buyer’s journey. Solution to every problem is always available.   

Let us throw a light on the issues below and their respective solutions for better output. 

1. Product Approval Delays: New products may take longer than expected to get approval from WhatsApp. 

Solution: Review WhatsApp’s product complete guidelines before submission to avoid back-and-forth. 

2. Image Upload Errors: High-resolution images fail to upload due to network issues or size limits. 

Solution: Do image optimization with quality for web. Maintain image size with clarity standard. 

3. Synchronization issues: Product listings cannot update in time or may not reflect at the customer’s end. 

Solution: Check your internet connectivity, also sync intervals. Be clear about following the best practices for API calls given by Webmaxy team. 

Try to deliver high engaging, creative and interactive contents for best engagement and frequent conversions.   

To avail the benefits of WhatsApp API in e-commerce, we need to install WhatsApp Business. You can install the WhatsApp Business App from the Google Store. The Set up is simple and takes a little while to install.    

Upon installation of WhatsApp catalog, one can input business details with an official phone number. 

Fill in the details, and start the journey 

Get Started to the endless opportunities of e-Commerce! 


What is WhatsApp Business API Dashboard?    

It is the centralized control of your WhatsApp Business API activities. This is a communication hub for your WhatsApp Business activities. You can create a business catalog, automate messages, replies and send messages to your customer.   

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