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Chatbots for WhatsApp are now a need for businesses all around the world, not just a curiosity. 

These WhatsApp chatbots with AI capabilities have expanded the scope of consumer interactions and experiences. Companies use chatbots to automate a variety of operations, from customer support and marketing to sales and customer service, increasing productivity, engagement, and overall happiness. 

WhatsApp Chatbots work especially well on widely used networks like WhatsApp, where users feel more comfortable chatting with businesses. By fusing the accessibility and popularity of WhatsApp with the power of AI technology, these bots provide businesses with a platform to provide quick, individualized customer care. 

But this website is your resource if you require credible instances of how eminent global firms employ WhatsApp chatbots to oversee their daily operations!  

This article will provide you with an overview of the real-world applications of WhatsApp Chatbots for WhatsApp Commerce, as used by eleven well-known brands across multiple industries. 

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What are chatbots on WhatsApp? 

 In essence, a WhatsApp chatbot is an AI-driven application created to communicate with users on the messaging app. They are configured within the WhatsApp Business API and serve a variety of purposes, including responding to consumer questions, making tailored recommendations, facilitating the purchasing process, and managing grievances and technical problems.  

A WhatsApp chat bot can carry out a variety of functions around-the-clock, including responding to often requested inquiries, offering product information, setting up appointments, and monitoring delivery status. This enhances customer service, speeds up response times, and guarantees continuous engagement. 

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Practical Uses: How Leading Companies are Using WhatsApp Chatbots 

Let’s dive right into some of the most intriguing and revolutionary real-world uses for WhatsApp bots. Explore the backstories of each of the aforementioned WhatsApp chat bot example to discover the amazing potential that these digital solutions have when used by some of the most prestigious brands in the world.  

1: 6thStreet’s Personalized Recommendations  

A WhatsApp chatbot was used by well-known fashion e-commerce site 6thStreet to provide tailored product recommendations. This chatbot carefully considers the user’s past purchases and preferences while making suggestions. 

The Result? 

A focus on client happiness and a spike in sales were spot on.  

2: Grupo Financiero Banorte’s Instant Customer Support Channel  

It was a smart move for the well-known financial company Banorte to implement a WhatsApp chatbot as a quick customer service line. 

Fast, approachable help improved customer satisfaction and reduced call center traffic as a result, guaranteeing an effective system that reduces costs without sacrificing quality of service.  

3: SNOCKS’ Order Tracking Bot  

Leading clothing shop SNOCKS improved its after-sale support by adding a WhatsApp chatbot. 

With the help of this bot, users could get personalized messages and order tracking updates straight through WhatsApp, strengthening client connections and increasing sales.  

4: Midland Realty’s Feedback Collection Bot  

WhatsApp chatbots are used by real estate behemoth Midland Realty to establish a direct line of communication between clients and brokers. 

Agents are proactively engaging with prospects and boosting online sales with this streamlined method, which also results in faster response times and greater service quality. 

5: Benefit Cosmetics Interactive Marketing Campaign  

When Benefit Cosmetics used WhatsApp chatbots into its outreach tactics, the business observed notable benefits. Sales have surged, reservations have grown, and the number of calls to stores has dropped significantly.  

6: ConsórcioMagalu’s Scheduling Assistance Bot  

ConsórcioMagalu makes it easy and enjoyable for Brazilians to reach their financial objectives. They provide consórcios for vehicles, real estate, appliances, and more in Brazil, where they have over 1,400 outlets and 98,000 active consumers. 

Even though they have been doing this for more than 30 years, their scheduling procedure has grown intricate and convoluted. Now that they have a WhatsApp Chatbot in their toolbox, they have produced a thorough reservation helper. 

In comparison to their typical procedures, the bot generated 2.9 times more conversions and assisted users in making appointments rapidly. 

7: Dekoruma’s Sophisticated Lead Verification Bot  

 WhatsApp chatbots were deemed essential for conversational selling by Dekoruma throughout their redesign of the retail and interior design spaces. With this strategy, the retail behemoth was able to follow up on meaningful leads, boost customer response rates, and deliver easy-to-use consumer experiences.  

8: Book My Activity’s Extracurricular Activity Search Bot  

WhatsApp Chatbots were utilized by Book My Activity, an online store that specializes in kid-friendly activities, to assist parents in selecting the ideal extracurricular activities for their kids. 

To provide parents with the most relevant selections, the bot presents a vast array of verified, ranked, and reviewed classes, eliminating the need for them to search around for the ideal class or activity.  

9: Forever Liss’s Abandoned Cart Recovery Bot  

A cart recovery bot that leverages WhatsApp to send multimedia messages and re-engage customers who have abandoned their carts has been introduced by the beauty care brand Forever Liss. This has significantly increased cart recovery rates. 

Customers can check the status of their orders on WhatsApp, receive personalized recommendations, and have their questions answered by Forever Liss all with the help of this handy little application. 

10: Grupo Monge’s Payment Integration Chatbot  

Customers may now apply for credit lines, withdraw cash, and make payments using WhatsApp from anywhere in the world thanks to a chatbot that Grupo Monge developed.  

Through WhatsApp Pay, companies can easily accept payments from clients directly within the WhatsApp app. This may be done through Payment Gateways or Native WhatsApp UPI. 

11: Estefeta’s Virtual Assistant Bot  

This chatbot WhatsApp developed by Estafeta, a shipping logistics company, is a digital solution that is easily accessible. 

Like a specialized virtual assistant, this bot responds to customers’ questions regarding sending, tracking, and delivering their packages quickly.  

These eleven instances of   show how various industries are using chatbots to change the way they operate. These robots transform how businesses run, from customer service to sales and marketing. Companies just like yours now have to put these lessons into practice and design your custom chatbot solution. 

Chatbots on WhatsApp: Upcoming Patterns and Future Forecasts 

With multiple noticeable patterns firmly rooted in the future, the possibilities surrounding WhatsApp chatbots are exciting. Below, let’s examine them: 

1. Integration of Advanced AI Capabilities 

In the near future, anticipating demands before a user asks a question will be just as important as just responding to queries. 

Chatbots will be integrated with advanced AI capabilities, such as predictive analytics, to anticipate user demands and provide solutions ahead of time. It is expected that this innovative strategy will assist companies in increasing client happiness and loyalty. 

2. Increase in Intricacy of Chatbots   

These days, they are more capable of handling much more than the subtleties of customer service. 

They will be used more and more to perform intricate tasks like survey administration, marketing campaigns, and even transaction facilitation. As our trust in chatbot security grows, we expect to see them actively involved in fraud detection and prevention, expanding their potential uses. 

Using a WhatsApp chatbot requires more than just keeping up with the latest developments. Basically, all it takes to boost sales, expedite response times, and enhance customer service is to be proactive. 

3. Including Augmented Reality (AR) 

Through the provision of a more immersive consumer experience, augmented reality promises to push the boundaries of customer engagement. 

The next frontier in customer experience will likely involve visualizing goods or services in the context of the user, and chatbots are predicted to lead the way in this revolution. 

4. Focus on Data Protection and Privacy 

Privacy and data protection are not taken lightly in today’s digital age. Therefore, as chatbot sophistication grows, a heightened focus will be placed on aligning them with privacy standards and regulations, ensuring that interactions remain secure and compliant. 

Finally, because of their AI technology, chatbots are a vital tool for turning consumer contacts into tailored, effective, and interesting conversations. 

WhatsApp chatbots have a very bright future ahead of them because the market is always changing and new trends could lead to endless possibilities for creative customer involvement. 

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What can a WhatsApp bot do? 

A WhatsApp bot, or chatbot, is a computer program that can automatically respond to customer messages on WhatsApp.  

How do I create a WhatsApp bot? 

Creating a WhatsApp bot involves several steps, ranging from choosing a platform to designing the bot's functionalities.  


Which is the best WhatsApp bot? 

There are many WhatsApp bots available, and the best one for you may depend on what you want to use it for: 


A powerful tool that allows you to create and manage a chatbot in minutes, and is suitable for businesses of all sizes 


A simple rule-based bot that can feel conversational and has a happy personality 


A bot that allows farmers to detect plant diseases by sending images to assess crop infections 


An insurance claim handling bot that can streamline and digitize processes