MSR Restoration has years of work experience in mold inspection and remediation services throughout NJ and PA. With our training, skills and equipment, MSR Restoration can maintain a safe, mold-free environment.
Our experts understand the mold issues that homeowners in the area face. Mold is dangerous for your home and health and has a nasty habit of regrowing. We tackle mold issues at the source to do the job right the first time and prevent future mold and moisture problems.
Service offered:
1.Mold inspection: Our mold inspection services are perfect for both residential homes and commercial buildings to identify harmful or non-visible mold, address flooding or leaking issues, and more. Our response time and testing equipment works rapidly to provide mold inspection results quickly.
2.Mold remediation: Once you know harmful mold is present, our mold remediation services will help clean and prevent future mold issues. MSR Restoration’s mold remediation process includes evaluation, site prep, mold removal, HEPA/vacuuming & anti-microbial cleaning, and air purifying.
3.Hoarding/Cleanout: Our hoarding and cleanout services will return your home to functional and liveable space. Our services include item clean up, mold remediation, biohazard clean up, recycling, and recovery of valuables and documents.
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