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With 60 billion messages sent daily by over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has completely transformed the way companies communicate with their customers. With an enterprise-grade API for WhatsApp Commerce, businesses can now display their goods and services, accept orders straight from WhatsApp, automate alerts and notifications, such as, inventory updates, product delivery status, and provide a flawless customer experience. 


What is WhatsApp Catalogue? 


Businesses can use WhatsApp Catalogue for creating and sharing Catalogues of their goods and services. Without ever leaving WhatsApp, customers can explore your Catalogue, discover more about your offerings, and even place orders. 

WhatsApp Catalogue allows you to showcase your products right within the app. You can add products, group them into several categories, and give them comprehensive details. Your customers will find it even simpler to locate the goods they’reseeking for as a result. 

You can share the following data in the product Catalogue: 

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