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Most yoga classes are filled with women, but men can benefit from it too

Philly Voice (Health) 11/24 6:00A Tracey Romero
Basic yoga poses, called asanas, can help men increase their strength and flexibility. But there are many reasons why men should consider doing yoga. Research has shown it leads to better sleep, improved sex life, improved posture. It also...

What “mild COVID-19 symptoms” actually means

Philly Voice (Health) 11/24 3:50A Julia Aspen, Sponsored by Indepe
The severity of a COVID-19 infection can vary widely from person to person, ranging from those who show no symptoms to others who experience serious illness that leads to hospitalization or death.

Why you can't find cheap at-home COVID tests

Philly Voice (Health) 11/24 2:52A Rachana Pradhan and Hannah Norma
The U.S. produced COVID-19 vaccines in record time, but, nearly two years into the coronavirus pandemic, consumers have few options for cheap, rapid tests, though they are widely available in Europe. Experts say the paucity of tests and their...

Misremembering might actually be a sign your memory is working optimally

Philly Voice (Health) 11/24 2:51A Robert Jacobs, University of Roc
Memory mistakes may not be the result of faulty mental processing. They could be a side effect of a cognitive system with limited capacity – but one that is working efficiently. They may indicate that the brain is working optimally or rationally.

Independence renames Center of Innovation after former CEO Dan Hilferty

Philly Voice (Health) 11/23 12:07P Michael Tanenbaum
The Independence Blue Cross renamed its Center for Innovation after Daniel J. Hilferty, the former CEO of the Philadelphia-based health insurance company. During his 10 years at the helm, Hilferty oversaw a number of new initiatives that led to...

Concerns Of Holiday COVID-19 Spike Growing As New Cases Continue To Rise

CBS Philly (Health) 11/22 9:40A Health – CBS Philly
TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) With Thanksgiving just three days away, COVID-19 cases continue to increase and there are growing concerns about a holiday spike. This has officials strongly urging people to get vaccinated and take precautions.  There is a...
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