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Legislation of Poppers: Navigating Global Perspectives

PhillyBite Healthy 12/9 2:16A (Philly
UNITED KINGDOM - Poppers, a colloquial term for alkyl nitrites, have found widespread use as recreational drugs, primarily within the LGBTQ+ community, to enhance sensory experiences, especially...

Pennsylvania looks to expand access to doulas in 2024

Philly Voice (Health) 12/8 10:43A Cassie Miller, Pennsylvania Capi
Doula services are not currently covered by Medicaid in Pennsylvania, something industry groups and the Department of Human Services are hoping to change. The state agency held a meeting with stakeholders in October to identify ways to expand...

Married couples tend to share high blood pressure, study finds

Philly Voice (Health) 12/8 7:51A Kristin Hunt
Researchers found that married couples tend to share hypertension. High blood pressure was observed across couples in India, China, England and the United States in a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

What does weight-inclusive health care mean?

Philly Voice (Health) 12/7 5:19P Lauren Butler, Texas State Unive
Weight-inclusive health care seeks to help patient attain better health without requiring weight loss. It includes eating for overall well-being rather than for the number of calories. It may also include prioritizing activities to reduce stress,...

Many people of color worry good health care is tied to their appearance

Philly Voice (Health) 12/7 10:10A Colleen DeGuzman, KFF Health New
About 55% of Black adults feel they have to be very careful about their appearance to be treated fairly by doctors and other health providers, according to a new KFF survey. Nearly half of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Hispanic patients...

RSV is spreading rapidly as the holiday season kicks into gear

Philly Voice (Health) 12/7 5:49A John Kopp
RSV cases continue to rise rapidly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with influenza and COVID-19 ticking upward. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people get vaccinated against these respiratory illnesses and take other...

How to prioritize health and wellness when you work in the gig economy

Philly Voice (Health) 12/5 2:41A Peter Key, Sponsored by Independ
From driving for a rideshare service to freelancing online, the rise of the gig economy has provided countless opportunities for people to earn income. Being able to create your own schedule and choose the jobs you want is a draw for many. But...

The holidays can be demanding; here's how to reduce stress

Philly Voice (Health) 12/4 10:14A Kristin Hunt
A recent poll by the American Psychological Association found that 41% of adults are more stressed during the holiday months than at any other time. Exercise, adequate sleep and deep breathing can help people manage their stress levels.

How to effectively advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office

Philly Voice (Health) 12/4 4:08A Peter Key, Sponsored by Independ
Advocating for yourself when you’re in the doctor’s office is an important skill. It can be key to early diagnosis and treatment, result in more personalized care, and lead to better health outcomes.

Children's stainless steel cups recalled over possible lead contamination

Philly Voice (Health) 12/2 4:28A Franki Rudnesky
Stainless steel children's cups and bottles sold by Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Whole Foods and Bed Bath and Beyond are being recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission due to lead levels that exceed the federal content ban.The products...
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