4 Ways To Style a Striped T-Shirt

Vida Fashionista 1/30 4:15A Davida Janae
4 Ways To Style a Striped T-Shirt. Happy Monday everyone. It’s been a while since my last “4 ways to style” post/video. I think I am going to start sharing at least one per week. The post 4 Ways To...

Target Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration

Vida Fashionista 1/24 6:44A Davida Janae
Target Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration. First off, I think this is my first blog post of the new year. Things have been so wild with 2 kids and some new career opportunities. I also now The post...

Comfy Winter Sweatshirts for Women

Living Lesh 1/15 10:00P Iesha Vincent
When Winter arrives, most of us just want to curl under a blanket and kick back while we keep warm and comfortable. But for those who still enjoy going out, or just have to go out, we are looking for clothing that s warm, comfortable, and is...

Winter Style: The Maxi Sweater Dress

Living Lesh 1/10 10:00P Iesha Vincent
Each year go from hot to a comfortable temperature and then straight into the unpredictable Winter. And though the colder days make us want to stay in the house more often then not, we tend to find ourselves with events and outings on our...

5 Styles of New Years’ Eve Dresses to Rock This NYE

Living Lesh 12/19 11:18P Iesha Vincent
The end of the year brings so much excitement. Between holiday gatherings, gift exchanges, making holiday cocktails, and going to New Year s Eve parties with family and friends, there are so many reasons to put together great holiday outfits for...

How to Style a Satin Dress This Winter

Living Lesh 12/18 10:50P Iesha Vincent
I ve said this time and time again, but just because it s winter doesn t mean that you have to give up on wearing dresses. It just takes a special kind of styling to wear dresses during the winter. And as we think of the different dresses to...

QVC Total Look: Comfy Cozy Outfits

Vida Fashionista 12/16 1:30A Davida Janae
QVC Total Look: Comfy Cozy Outfits. Ahh I’m back again with another Total Look episode! I’ll never get over seeing myself on the app and TV but here we are. Today I’m showing 3 ways The post QVC Total...

Holiday Outfits For Chasing Around Kids

Vida Fashionista 12/12 1:36A Davida Janae
I got a request on Instagram to share some cute holiday outfits for chasing around kids. Then it dawned on me that as moms, we tend to take care of everyone first and ourselves last. The post Holiday...

Linen Loungewear Sets You Need This Season

Living Lesh 12/9 10:00P Iesha Vincent
It’s official: linen loungewear sets are the must-have item this season. Whether you’re looking for a casual outfit for running errands or a cozy linen loungewear set for lounging at home, these sets are sure to meet all your needs. Not only are...

Winter Capsule Wardrobe: Chic Outfits to Create in the Winter

Living Lesh 12/5 10:00P Iesha Vincent
Winter here and many of us are currently looking to keep our wardrobe concise, but still want to be able to create chic looks. If you re looking to do just that, then you re someone that will benefit from creating a winter capsule wardrobe where...

6 Wardrobe Staples For Work

Vida Fashionista 12/5 1:56A Davida Janae
6 Wardrobe Staples For Work. Now even though I make outfit videos and give styling tips, I m a huge fan of wardrobe staples. If it weren t for making the videos my closet would only consist The post 6...

How to Create Chic Casual Christmas Party Outfits

Living Lesh 12/1 10:00P Iesha Vincent
When the holidays arrive, we all find ourselves trying to figure out what outfits to wear to a holiday party. There are so many festive pieces that hit the shelves and some items that we may already have, but we tend to get stuck when trying to...

5 Essentials for Perfect Christmas Outfits for Women

Living Lesh 11/29 10:00P Iesha Vincent
With the holiday season upon us, there are probably some holiday events that you are planning to go to. Maybe it s a office holiday party, family gathering, cocktail party, or Christmas pop-up in your local city. No matter the occasion, you are...

14 Work Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Vida Fashionista 11/27 10:46A Davida Janae
14 Work Holiday Party Outfit Ideas. The holiday season is here and it makes my heart so happy. As you all know, I ve been doing styling videos and taking requests via social media and here The post 14...

Styling Vegan Leather 90s Straight Leg Pants

Living Lesh 11/26 10:00P Iesha Vincent
Vegan leather pants aka faux leather pants is a trend that has risen up and become a fashion favorite. Though people love wearing denim, sometimes it s time to switch it up. In the past, faux leather was something that was limited to jackets that...
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